Hands & Feet

Treatments for the hands include manicures to cut and shape the nails, tidy the cuticles and colour the nails. Or maybe your nails need help to be beautiful. Look no further than Biosculpture overlays. Have a colour, french polish or clear applied over your natural nails and watch them grow strong and healthy within weeks. Maybe your hands are beginning to show signs of a sunny past. Why not treat those brown spots or wrinkles with Age Intervention Hand cream with amazing results. Whatever you choose don't let your hands give away those years!! 

Beautify your hands & feet at Perfection Skin Clinic in Norwich

Polishing Treatment for the Hands Or Feet

Exfoliation is followed by a light chemical peel to reveal fresh, radiant skin.  Can be added to any facial treatment or as an alone treatment.

20 Minutes        £25.00 Alone                                             £10.00 within any facial treatment


A manicure is carried out on the hands. It includes cutting and shaping of the nails, tidying the cuticles, a relaxing hand and arm massage and a colour of your choice to finish. A paraffin wax treatment can be added to make it a luxury treatment. This is a warm wax which is highly moisturising.


A pedicure is carried out on the feet. It includes cutting and shaping of the nails, exfoliation, removal of dead skin, tidying the cuticles, a relaxing foot and leg massage finishing with a colour of your choice. A paraffin wax treatment can be added; this is a luxurious warm wax, which is very nourishing and soothing.

Special instructions

Please allow enough time after your treatment to allow the toe nails to dry before putting on socks and shoes. You will be recommended to wait at least 10 minutes. Alternatively bring a pair of open toed shoes or flip flops to wear after the treatment to give the nails plenty of time to dry.

Biosculpture Gel System

Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as an overlay onto natural nails by a qualified nail technician. The permanent colour gel is strong and flexible, with a glossy finish, lasting for up to three weeks. Bio Sculpture Gel is an advanced nail treatment that strengthens and conditions nails. The flexible coating moves with the nails, protecting them, whilst allowing them to grow without breaking. 

The perfect solution for beautiful nails. Discover the difference of an advanced nail treatment that’s a pleasure to use and wear. Biosculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong-naturally. 

Easy to apply, instantly dry-soaks off clean in 15 minutes. The colour of clear gel, french manicure gel or coloured gel is applied to the nail then cured in a led lamp to set hard with no damage to the natural nail. The gel can be applied to your natural nails or over tips. Our gel is also compatible and can be applied over other nail systems. 

With no fumes, no odours and almost no buffing dust, you'll enjoy seeing your nails transformed to the exceptional potential. 

Excellent on toenails or fingernails.

Gelish® was the first brush-in-bottle gel-polish ever invented. The US and International patent-pending formulation proves that fact.

Soak-Off Gel Polish 

Gelish® Soak-Off Gel Polish applies like polish and cures in a LED lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional UV lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 - 15 minutes. 

Gel overlays £28.00