After a long hot summer our skin can be left sun dammaged, with a loss of firmness and elasticity.  Skinrolla is a skin rejuvenation technique that triggers collagen synthesis, smoothing out wrinkles, lines and folds, improving the appearance of large pores and generally improving the quality and texture of the skin. 

It's time to get out your home rollers to enhance penetration of your retinol and c-tetra and give your skin a boost.  I have added the video on how to use the skinrolla at home.  Enjoy! 


Summer is almost here, waxing is all part of the well groomed look we all crave.  Prepare early and you will have smooth, silky, hair free skin throughout the summer months

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

We are fast approaching the festive season, or maybe we are already in it! I had lots of Christmas markets and events planned for this season but I've already missed a couple through just being too busy, what with the clinic, decorating my house and causing 'Elf on the shelf' antics in my house to keep my kids in the mood for Santa's arrival. Not that Darcie needs any help in that department. She's been talking about him coming down the chimney since September! ha ha ha


Anyhow I've finally got a little more organised at least here at the clinic.  So the clinic is open on the following hours through Christmas and New Year; 



Yvonne and Sally are in on most days together

Yvonne and Sally are in on most days together

I (Sally) am not in on the 30th or New Years Eve as I'm off to France for New Year celebrations. I am a little apprehensive about this but I'm not going to let what is going on in the world ruin our plans. 


We are getting booked up near Christmas now but do have appointments still available. I would suggest if you have limited time available that you book asap for all your skin & beauty needs.


Have you seen all the December promotions we have on offer? If not check out our December newsletter and watch out for our Facebook posts


Sally & Yvonne xx

Day 6 and 7 Post Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Oops I missed a day blogging! Apologies, I was busy in the clinic yesterday and then I totally forgot after a glass of wine and the xfactor!! 


My eyebrows do seem to be peeling now, this is the skin kicking out the pigment it doesn't need. I'm hoping underneath all is well but for now I just need to keep putting on the ointment.  I'm pretty sure sitting in front of my open fire last night has dried them out a little! Probably not my finest moment but it was so cold last night it was needed. 


I'm not sure standing out in the cold and snow this morning whilst my son plays football is ideal either but needs must.  

Right brow is peeling more than the left one

Right brow is peeling more than the left one

I've realised this week that it is so important to follow the aftercare rules. Not getting the area wet and avoiding heat is very difficult.  But it's a must to make this treatment work.   


Left one is holding the pigment well so far

Left one is holding the pigment well so far

My last day of ointment is today but I feel that they haven't fully healed yet so will be continuing with it until I'm happy they have healed. It is a treatment that is bespoke to each individual in many ways.  


Its up to you how much pigment we put in, where we put it and then your skin decides on how long it takes to heal. It is an amazing treatment that lasts for up to 3 years. It just gets better and more natural with time.  


Day 4 - Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Not much to report today, still looking great but definately looking more natural now. Still a little itchy due to healing process. 

If you had never had this treatment before you would need to have the same thing done up to 3 times with 4-6 weeks between treatments to ensure you had them fully completed. Your skin can throw out up to 50% of the pigment that you put in on the first treatment.  We give you 3 treatments within the price of our eyebrow treatment where most places only give you 2. I want your eyebrows to be perfect.  We also offer a free consultation to talk you through the procedure and do full allergy testing.

I'm loving my new eyebrows, one less thing to do in the morning! 

Day 2 of Post Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Day 2 of Post Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Day 2 thoughts and aftercare of semi-permanent eyebrows. Daily routine is adjusted to suit this procedure, you may want to carry on with everything as normal, I would suggest not booking any special occassions in the first few days afterwards as greasy, dark eyebrows are probably not the look you would be going for!!