It's all Perfection

Well lets start with a little about me, Sally, I've been a beauty therapist for hmm 20 years now (blushing). I love my job it allows me to indulge my hobby and chat which as anyone who knows me will agree, I like to talk!

I love to make people look and feel better about themselves and to do this I like to have tried all the treatments on myself. I prefer to tell my clients exactly what a treatment is like and how good or bad the results were!

I've recently had a baby girl and I've had to leave a very long time between some of beloved treatments due to pregnancy and breast feeding. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled with our new edition but my skin is looking awful and is slowly falling south! That's not all that's heading south but we won't go there!!. It's been over a year since I've had my favourite glycolic peel and no Botox for over a year has added years to my once youthful face. Who knew that so many treatments and products can't be used whilst breast feeding.

My little girl turns one in September and my present to her is giving her a more youthful Mummy with a smooth, clear skin by having a glycolic peel, Botox, semi permanent eyebrows and a great big smile!!