Winter skin @perfectionskin

Winter weather is the harshest on our skin. Outside the cold and wind leave it dehydrated flaking, and cracked.  Inside, as soon as the heating goes on the skin starts to dry out.  A richer cleanser and moisturiser is needed.  Oil based moisturisers leave a protective layer on the skin.  Night creams tend to be oil based. Exfoliate regularly to remove the dead skin for a brighter complexion.  Rich serums are also beneficial, to add those much needed antioxidants. A diet high in Vitamin C and omega 3 acids, will help to protect the skin from the inside.  Green leafy vegetables like curly kale are super antioxidants, as well as kiwi fruit, oranges and peppers.  Tuna, wild salmon, sardines and herring are a rich source of omega 3.

Humidifiers around your home or work will help to replace the lost moisture from heating systems.  A simple bowl of water in each room works just as well.

What people do forget, is to use a high SPF all year round. UVA found in daylight is what causes wrinkles and damages collagen.