Spring is almost here.  The days are getting longer, the sun is shining a little warmer and flowers are springing up everywhere.  The cold, windy, winter days, along with dehydrating central heating, can leave the skin dry, dull, and flaky.

This is the perfect time of year to concentrate on deep cleansing, to bring out clearer, brighter, glowing skin.

Take the 2 week Medic8 Cream Cleanse challenge to create a clearer, healthier skin in a matter of weeks.  Spend a couple of minutes a day, massaging the cleanser into the skin, from the décolleté up to the forehead, concentrating on congested areas.

Make up brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, wash them in warm water with a little shampoo, and leave them to dry.

Clean out your make up bag and throw away any out of date products.  Eye make up has a relatively short life span, due to the risk of eye infections.