Time to get healthy

So I've been on weight watchers again for a few weeks and the pounds are coming off slowly, but it's the change in drinks that I have found most useful to my body and to my skin.  At the beginning of the day I am having a cup of warm lemon to kick start my metabolism and it is surprisingly nice. I feel much brighter and my skin is kicking out the rubbish to make itself brighter too. 

I have found whilst doing the healthy eating that I seem to lose more weight when I am drinking lots of water throughout the day too. I guess if I'm drinking I can't put food in my mouth. 😳

So for my skin at the moment it is all about trying to improve the back of my hands. They feel dry and wrinkly compared to my face so I have been using my Medik8 night cream on them and today I am going to do a hand peel. 

I will be videoing this so I will post later................