Here comes the sun @perfectionskin

It's July and the sun is finally here! A lot of people will be thinking about holidays.  What do you usually do in preparation for yours?  A body scrub, spray tan, wax, paint your toe nails?  The list is potentially endless.

A body scrub is essential before a spray tan to remove the layers of dry skin, ensuring an even tan.  The spray tan will slowly wear off as your skin builds up a natural tan.

Waxing should ideally be done a couple of days before going into the sun to allow the skin to fully recover before being exposed to heat.  Waxing will eliminate the need for shaving every couple of days on your holiday

Nail polish only lasts a few days at the most.  A Gel overlay should last the length of the holiday, without the worry of it chipping, fading or wearing off.

Eye lash tinting is a must for a lot of people with pale eyelashes, to enhance the eyes while in the swimming pool.

Whether you spend a lot of time preparing for your holiday, or very little, don't forget to enjoy it.  Have a great summer holiday!