Preparations for Christmas

How many of us are starting to think about xmas. Lots of parties to go to, shopping for presents, decorations to put up.  All in all, a busy time of year.  Take some of the pressure off by starting early so that December is less hectic and stressful.  Too much stress takes the pleasure out of the good things in life.  Can I also just add a message for any of my family that might read this, I like massage and facial vouchers too! 

Party time can also be stressful, worrying about being able to get into that little black dress, or our skin and nails are not in the best condition.  A month of healthy eating along with exercise can improve our mind and body.  A cosmeceutical range like Medik8 can completely turn around most skin conditions in 2 – 3 months with the use of Medik8 peels, therefore, in a month it can be greatly improved. 

My favourite party treatment of the moment is eye lash extensions, in fact, forget about party, I had them put on for my summer holiday and wouldn’t be without them.  I have very fair eyelashes, with very sensitive eyes, so not having to worry about mascara is a great benefit.


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We have just received our Medik8 christmas gift packs with lots of lovely Medik8 products inside a classy white toiletries bag.  Gift vouchers are also available for treatments or monetory value. Come in for a free consultation or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest special offers and advice.

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