Day 2 of Post Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Today is day 2 after doing my own semi-permanent eyebrow procedure.  I got woken up in the night by my daughter and my first thought was ooh my eyebrows feel a little strange, like I had some waxing I guess, that sort of tingling sensation, not uncomfortable though.  I like to make sure I have put plenty of ointment on before I go to bed as you do find you wipe your face on your pillow quite a bit in the night and extra ointment means I won't make them feel sore.  

When I woke up at the right time of the morning I had totally forgotten I'd done them until my 11 year old son gave me a look that said "what have you done now"! He's totally used to me coming home looking odd, I'm always having something done, be it bright red from a dermal roller treatment or peel, very dark brown from a spray tan or another of my crazy ideas to keep me looking young! lol. But it did send me straight to the mirror to see how they were doing.


3D slugs, but I love them.......... 

3D slugs, but I love them.......... 

Hmmm, my eyebrows, I won't lie they are very dark.  It makes me wonder if 2 shades darker is all they go, mine look like someone felt tipped them on in the night! ha ha ha.  They look great though the shape is fab if I say so myself, definately helped by my previous treatment from a good friend Vanessa. I have just thickened and lengthened them a little more.  I'm glad this is not my first treatment as I remember waking up the day after that thinking oh god what have I done.  I now know that they will settle down considerably and not to worry but it does make you think even though you know they'll be fine.  My eyebrows look a little 3D and very greasy and they are starting to itch a little which is a good sign of healing but I must not scratch them which is so hard.


I and other therapists are always changing our minds as to whether we should dry heal semi-permanent make-up like tattoo artists recommend or keep them greasy like we were taught to before.  It seems to change daily if I'm honest. I am applying ointment to mine when they feel tight but not too often. There is a thought that too much moisture will cause pigment to fall out and the same if left to dry out that it could then dry up and flake off so I'm sticking to a mixture of both.  Not having a shower today is not good either, I can't risk getting my eyebrows wet, so squaddy shower as my ex miltary husband likes to call it is called for today.  


It was a challenge applying my Medik8 skincare products around my face without touching my eyebrows. You wouldn't think you'd put any there but in the slap rub that we do to get ready quickly we definately do put it there. I must remember to carry on being careful around them as some products (such as retinol and AHA's) do cause the pigmentation to fade quicker.  


So once my make-up was on I did feel and look a bit better although 'scouse & essex girl' did pop into my head as I had to scrape my unwashed into a bun and the brows really are worthy of an episode of towie or the like!!  I carried on my day as normal though, I soon forgot they looked like that and to be honest I didn't feel self conscious once whilst out, no one looked at me funny. I guess we are so used to seeing girls with thick, dark drawn on eyebrows that it has become the norm which is a bit of luck!


So as day 2 goes, all good, one quick tip though, as aftercare I am avoiding hot showers, baths, steam rooms etc. Anything to avoid heating the area. One thing that is not on the aftercare sheet is keep your head away from a hot oven! Opened mine to get the dinner out and boom surge of heat, argghh never seen me move so quick!!!