New Year, New You

Here we are in another year! i am certainly pleased that our days are now getting longer, heading towards the abundance of spring.

 After our indulgences of the Christmas period, we tend to start the new year off with our New Year resolutions.  By the end of january these tend to fall by the wayside as we try to do too much in one go.  This year why don't we try New Years Intentions; 

"I intend to eat healthier this year" 

"My intention this year is to walk more" 

"This year i intend to take better care of my skin" 

"My intention this year is to lead a healthier lifestyle"

Intentions are far more achievable.  We don't beat ourselves up about failing when we don't manage the three times a week run we set, for our New Year resolution.

My intention this year, is to try to detox my body with a hot drink in the morning of hot fresh lemon and ginger to cleanse and purify.  A juice shot of apple and ginger is a great way to start the day.  It really wakes you up on those cold winter mornings. 

Wishing you health and Happiness for 2016, Yvonne & Sally.

January's special offer is a free hand treatment with every treatment booked in january.  Hands suffer at this time of year.  When you apply your serums and creams, never wash the residue away, rub them generously your hands and fingers.