Night Time Skin

The importance of cleansing the skin at night

Cleansing our skin before going to bed is one of the most important skin care routines to get into.  Make up, dust, smoke and pollution, clog the pores and stop the skin from regenerating.

The skin repairs itself at night, increasing blood flow and other metabolic processes.  Blocked pores due to excess sebum, pollution, and heavy non mineral make up will leave the skin with enlarged pores.  Acne loves bacteria.  How many of us touch our face with our hands?  The hands pick up bacteria and germs throughout the day, no matter how much we wash them.  

Leaving eye make up on at night can cause irritation to the eyes, leaving them swollen and puffy, not to mention brittle lashes.

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Applying retinol products, that speed up the metabolic process, enhances the repair process, allowing for a more beneficial effect. 

Night creams are much richer than day creams to prevent moisture loss during the night.  Add one with hyaluronic acid and you will attract moisture from the air into the skin. 

A good night time routine gives the skin a fresh , more youthful appearance in the morning.