Summer is almost here and hair removal becomes an important part of our regular routine.  Waxing is great for keeping well groomed.  The results last for approximately 4 weeks, and even 6 weeks for some lucky ones.  Regrowth becomes finer and weaker over time, leaving the skin soft and smooth for longer.  We offer hair removal in most areas of the body.  http://www.perfectionskinclinic.co.uk/waxing

When it comes to intimate women's waxing there are a few things you need to be aware of.  The three types of intimate hair removal we offer are Brazilian - removes hair on the top part of the femal bikini area leaving a landing strip but leaves hair underneath and down the sides, Playboy - removes hair into the same landing strip at the top but removes all hair around the sides and around the back, Hollywood - removes all hair.  As with any type of waxing the hair needs to be a 1/4 inch long or more but for this area it is very important not to have it any longer as this will cause it to be very painful and sometimes bruise not to mention very difficult for us to carry out.  It is also important to be aware that intimate waxing needs your help, you will be asked to help create the stretch of the skin whilst we apply and remove the wax. Please make sure to make us aware at time of booking if you have never had this done before as it will take longer the first time we do it.

There are a few things you need to be aware of with waxing, especially over the hot summer months. Sun exposure and sunbed use should never be done 24-48 hrs pre or post wax.   Pre exposure sensitises the skin and could cause the skin to lift off, while post exposure could cause a burn.  Any medication that thins or sensitises the skin is also a contra-indication to waxing.  Acne medication and topical steroids, are two that come immediately to mind.

The week before your waxing appointment, exfoliate!  Daily gentle exfoliation allows any hairs under the skin to break through as well as removing a build up of dead skin.  Thick layers of dead skin can also make the wax stick to the skin, and lift off, on very thin skins. Please don't apply any moisturiser to the area on the day of treatment. With all this in mind, enjoy the soft feeling on the skin that only waxing can bring.

Beautiful legs for summer at Perfection Skin Clinic & Wellbeing Centre in Norwich, Norfolk

Beautiful legs for summer at Perfection Skin Clinic & Wellbeing Centre in Norwich, Norfolk