Time to get healthy

So I've been on weight watchers again for a few weeks and the pounds are coming off slowly, but it's the change in drinks that I have found most useful to my body and to my skin.  At the beginning of the day I am having a cup of warm lemon to kick start my metabolism and it is surprisingly nice. I feel much brighter and my skin is kicking out the rubbish to make itself brighter too. 

I have found whilst doing the healthy eating that I seem to lose more weight when I am drinking lots of water throughout the day too. I guess if I'm drinking I can't put food in my mouth. 😳

So for my skin at the moment it is all about trying to improve the back of my hands. They feel dry and wrinkly compared to my face so I have been using my Medik8 night cream on them and today I am going to do a hand peel. 

I will be videoing this so I will post later................

Sally's Nearly 40

Hi I'm Sally, I've been running Perfection Skin Clinic since 1999. I was 24. I'm now fast approaching 40 in June this year.  Over the years I have seen many skin conditions and many worries from pigmentation to acne, but none as important it would seem as ageing.  This has now become very apparent to myself as I start to show signs of sun damage (amazing holidays), fine lines & wrinkles, dehydration, dark circles etc etc.

I like to think that when you look at your parents you can see how you will age, but to be honest the amount of stuff I've done to my skin over the years being in the skincare industry I'd like to think that my skin is going to look a lot younger than when my parents were my age or I might as well close down, lol!

We are living longer and therefor we need to look after our skin a lot more or God knows what we will look like!  Over the next few weeks I'm going to blog about my skincare regime, treatments and prevention tips. I hope you enjoy.....

Healthy barrier function@perfectionskin

A healthy skin starts with a healthy barrier.  Making sure the skins barrier is intact is important before UV exposure.  The barrier is a mixture of proteins and oils that is slightly acidic, which prevents water loss and protects from irritants and allergens.  When the barrier is healthy it appears smooth, soft and plump.  When it is damaged it is dry, rough, dull and dehydrated.   How your barrier functions is crucial because if it’s damaged, then it’s difficult, if not impossible, to repair issues like wrinkles, post-acne red marks, dry skin, extra-sensitive skin, and breakouts.   Prevention is better than cure, therefore knowing what causes damage is key.

  • Don't use water that is too hot or too cold.
  • Avoid soaking in water until skin looks like a prune.
  • Stop using harsh scrubs, which can tear the skin’s surface.
  • Don’t use drying cleansers, including soap, which remove essential moisturizing substances from your skin.
  • Don’t use skincare products that contain astringents and harsh toners.
  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure, which can cause all sorts of skin damage, along with immune system impairment.

Fixing the barrier is about what you do to your skin on a daily basis.  A gentle cleanser to remove debris without stripping the acid mantle layer, (barrier function).  Vitamin C serum (C Tetra) which provides 24 hr protection, improving collagen and elasticity, allowing the skin to regenerate.  Moisturisers with humectants that draw water to the skin, followed by an SPF to block out the damaging UV rays.  Serums containing hyaluronic acid (Hydr8 B5) improves moisture content, suppleness and luminosity can be added to your normal routine to help to repair the delicate barrier once or twice a year, and if the damage is extreme Medik8 Ultimate Recovery is a rich, nourishing cream to dramatically improve the skin moisture content.


Spring is almost here.  The days are getting longer, the sun is shining a little warmer and flowers are springing up everywhere.  The cold, windy, winter days, along with dehydrating central heating, can leave the skin dry, dull, and flaky.

This is the perfect time of year to concentrate on deep cleansing, to bring out clearer, brighter, glowing skin.

Take the 2 week Medic8 Cream Cleanse challenge to create a clearer, healthier skin in a matter of weeks.  Spend a couple of minutes a day, massaging the cleanser into the skin, from the décolleté up to the forehead, concentrating on congested areas.

Make up brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, wash them in warm water with a little shampoo, and leave them to dry.

Clean out your make up bag and throw away any out of date products.  Eye make up has a relatively short life span, due to the risk of eye infections.

Winter skin @perfectionskin

Winter weather is the harshest on our skin. Outside the cold and wind leave it dehydrated flaking, and cracked.  Inside, as soon as the heating goes on the skin starts to dry out.  A richer cleanser and moisturiser is needed.  Oil based moisturisers leave a protective layer on the skin.  Night creams tend to be oil based. Exfoliate regularly to remove the dead skin for a brighter complexion.  Rich serums are also beneficial, to add those much needed antioxidants. A diet high in Vitamin C and omega 3 acids, will help to protect the skin from the inside.  Green leafy vegetables like curly kale are super antioxidants, as well as kiwi fruit, oranges and peppers.  Tuna, wild salmon, sardines and herring are a rich source of omega 3.

Humidifiers around your home or work will help to replace the lost moisture from heating systems.  A simple bowl of water in each room works just as well.

What people do forget, is to use a high SPF all year round. UVA found in daylight is what causes wrinkles and damages collagen.

Happy New Year @perfectionskin

Happy New Year! After the over indulgences of the Christmas holidays, we tend to start the new year off with our New Year resolutions;

1. Good intentions to eat healthier.

2. Exercise more and generally lead a healthier lifestyle.

The reason these tend to fall by the wayside is we try to do too much in one go, so this year start small with something that's achievable, if that fails, don't beat yourself up about it, just put it behind you and start again.

Wishing you,once again, Health and Happiness for 2015, Yvonne & Sally.

Make-up tips @perfectionskin


Christmas is marching up thick and fast and the party season is upon us, therefore, I have put together some easy beauty tricks to hide your flaws and enhance your best bits. Foundation is the most important part of any make up.  Getting the right base enhances your skin and makes your skin glow.  Light reflecting particles, otherwise known as illuminating foundation, gives the skin a youthful appearance.  Don't make the mistake of trying out a new foundation on your wrist, always apply it to your jaw line.  If it disappears into your skin, you have the right colour.

When applying foundation, don't forget to cover the eyes and lips, this provides a good base for eyeshadow and lipstick,

Concealer should be used with a very light hand.  Apply it directly onto a blemish with a small brush, and blend with a finger tip.  Make your own BB cream by mixing a small amount of concealer with your moisturiser if you need more cover.

Eyes - Applying eye make up is something I get asked about most.  If eyeliner is something you find difficultly with, try tightlining instead.  It makes the base of the eyelashes appear fuller without looking like you have any make up on.  Start with a soft eye pencil and draw a line underneath the top lashes, right at the base of the lash.  Don't be frightened to try the more dramatic look of a liquid eyeliner, draw a line as close as you can all along the top of the eyelashes and sweep it up just before you get to the end.  If it's not as perfect as you would like, cover it with a metallic brown or grey powder to soften it.

When applying mascara, wipe the excess off with a tissue to avoid clumps. Wait 3 minutes between coats  if applying more than one.

For an instant eye lift, take a highlighter pencil and draw a line above the eyebrows from the arch  to the end, and blend, blend, blend.

Lips -  We would all love full pouty lips, but If you weren't blessed with them, there are ways to make them appear fuller than they are.  Highlighter above the cupid's bow makes the top lip look fuller.  Lining the lips just outside the natural line makes them appear larger.  A frosted powder in the centre of the lips over your lipstick also makes them appear plumper.  To make your lipstick last longer, hold a tissue over your lips and apply loose powder through the powder.

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Merry Christmas from Yvonne and Sally at Perfection Skin Clinic & Wellbeing Centre.

Helping nature along the way @perfectionskin

I often get asked if i've had Botox. When I reply "no", the response is usually "would you ever consider it?"This is where I pause before replying, "truthfully, if you had asked me 4 years ago I would have said no, but now I say, never say never".

I believe we owe it to ourselves to make the most of what mother nature gave us.  Self confidence gives us the ability to tackle the ups and downs life throws at us. If we feel good about ourselves, anything and everything is possible.  These days there are so many treatments and products available to improve our skin, from cosmeceutical skincare to chemical peels, mesotherapy and collagen induction therapy, and so much more. If then, we feel that mother nature needs a little helping hand, I don't think there's any harm in trying Botox and Fillers. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is much more important.

Come and visit Yvonne & Sally at Perfection Skin Clinic & Wellbeing Centre, for a free consultation, to discuss any issues you have with your skin.

Youth @perfectionskin

Youth What defines youth? Age, looks, feelings?

We define youth ourselves, individually. It will be different for everyone.

I define it by my skin and my energy. Which sometimes, granted can make me feel far from youthful!

Most people use age and looks. We expect to look a certain way by a certain age. But how often have you guessed someone's age wrong? It can be so hard these days. We are very lucky that technology in the skincare industry has been working hard over the years to keep our skin looking more and more youthful, yet we still hold back on believing it's possible.

Millions of pounds have been spent researching, trialling and producing the very best in skincare technology to make you skincare products that work!

Trust your skincare therapist she knows it works, she's using it!!

Medik8 is skincare technology at your fingertips, found at Perfection Skin Clinic and Wellbeing Centre

Clear Skin Whatever The Condition


Clear, translucent skin is something we all strive for. Some are lucky enough to have naturally beautiful skin, while others have to work hard to achieve that goal. Looking after your skin needs to begin early. Preventing damage is far better than curing it, therefore, daily use of an SPF is vital, as collagen production starts to decline as early as mid 20s. This month we will be concentrating on Ageing skin.

There are many signs of ageing skin, from wrinkles to uneven pigmentation and loss of elasticity. Collagen degrades due to UV exposure and the skin becomes thinner due to a decrease in cell turnover.

The good news is with the right skin care routine, treatments and diet, the effects of ageing can be managed and treated. Retinol is 'THE' one product that has been extensively researched with proven results in reversing and preventing the many signs of ageing and UV damaged skin, visibly improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Vitamin C antioxidant has shown to help strengthen capillary walls, reducing redness, lightening and brightening the skin, reversing and preventing the effects of UV exposure.

Chemical Peels are a highly effective way of managing and controlling skin conditions by gently removing the top layer of the skin, leading to a visibly improved appearance. The Medik8 Peels we use range from superficial to medium depth, treating all conditions of ageing with no to minimum downtime –

Enzyme Peel is an extremely mild peel using fruit acids to digest the superficial dead skin cells leaving the skin radiant, with no visible peeling and no downtime.

Age Peel is an effective acid combination to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fading imperfections, with little downtime and visible results within days.

Jessner peel is a superior medium depth peel designed to remove the top layer of the skin used to lighten areas of pigmentation and to treat aged, sun damaged skin, discolouration and moderate wrinkling and scarring. It is not suitable for sensitive skins and there is a 7-14 day downtime.

Clinical Skin Needling is a treatment that has been used since the 1990s by dermatologists in the form of Collagen Induction Therapy to fade scars and wrinkles. It is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself by creating micro-injuries which trigger new collagen synthesis without the risk of permanent scarring, leaving a smoother, firmer, younger looking skin. It can be a stand-alone treatment or used with other treatments to achieve better results.

Mesotherapy is a anti-ageing treatment used to infuse the top layers of skin with vitamin A, B, C, and E, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, minerals, co-enzymes and nucleic acids - everything needed for the repair and maintenance of a healthy, hydrated, luminous skin.

The correct use topical serums and creams combined with Medispa treatments can dramatically improve the condition of ageing skin but they can only do so much, a high intake of antioxidants, vitamins A and C will also help to protect the skin from UVA damage.


INFLAMMATION The latin word for inflammation is itis.

Inflammation is a natural immune system response - when the body has an infection, injury, lack of sleep, stress, toxin exposure, excess a exercise and being overweight, (the more overweight, the more inflammation). The normal signs of inflammation are heat, pain, redness, and swelling, this is the first sign that your immune system is kicking in. This response allows white blood cells to clear out infection and damaged tissue. Once the threat has been taken care off our anti inflammatory compounds are released to switch the response off. The problem happens when the anti inflammatory response is not activated and building scar tissue and swelling doesn’t get switched off. There are many reasons why this would happen, but many medical scientists now believe that diet plays the biggest role. Continuing rising allergy rates, IBS, obesity and chronic pain are indications that we may be storing up trouble for more serious problems in older age.

The Mediterranean diet is full of anti-inflammatory effects, with lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and omega 3 fatty acids. When our bodies are well nourished we heal better.

Processed, packaged and prepared food has the opposite effect with its high omega 6 oils and sometimes trans fats, sugar, and food additives Most polyunsaturated vegetable oils like safflower, sunflower, corn, peanut and soy, are high in omega-6 essential fatty acid which can cause inflammation when taken to excess, and contain almost no essential omega 3 oils which soothe inflammation.

Omega 3 is found in fish, nuts, and seeds. We should eat an equal amount of omega 3 and 6 oils on a daily basis for a more balanced diet.

Before the industrial age our ancesters ate omega 6 and omega 3 oils in a ratio of 1.1, now the ratio is somewhere between 10.1 and 20.1.

Refined sugars and foods with a high glycaemic value raise insulin levels which puts strain on our immune systems. High insulin levels activate enzymes which raise levels of omega 6 in our blood.

Stress is also an important factor in chronic inflammation and pain. Persisitent stress increases cortisol levels which also has a direct influence on insulin levels and hormones, and therefore lowers our immune system allowing inflammation levels to become chronic.

What causes Ageing??


As we age the rate of collagen production in our skin cannot keep up, as its breakdown is accelerated by overexposure to sunlight, pollution, and inflammation. Collagen is the main connective tissue in the body, as it constitutes to more of a third of all protein in the body. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen and applying it to the directly on to the skin is 20 times more effective than eating it. A study by a leading Doctor in the United States showed that those who applied vitamin C daily showed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in just 12 weeks.
Smoking starves the skin of vitamin C leaving a dull, sallow complexion. The vital organs take what they need first, leaving the skin the last in line. A smoker needs as much as 2000mg a day to counter attack the damaging effects.

Lack of sleep also has a huge effect on the skin. When we don’t get enough sleep the body releases more cortisol, the stress hormone. In excess amounts cortisol can break down collagen. Growth hormone is released during sleep. The hormone that promotes growth when we’re young helps to increase muscle mass, thicken skin and strengthen bones as we age. It is the essential part of tissue repair that is lost through lack of sleep. Recent research has also found a link between sleep and appetite regulation, people who sleep less than 6 hours a day were almost 30 per cent more likely to become obese than those who sleep 7 to 9 hours a day.
Sleeping on your side creates sleep lines on your face, which, when we’re young disappear almost immediately but as we get older these lines start taking longer to fade and eventually turn into permanent wrinkles. Sleeping on your back helps to delay this.
Stress also results in an increased production of cortisol, thinning the skin, as well as frowning, which causes the deep lines in between the eyebrows.

Sugar causes glycation, which weakens elastin. The more sugar eaten, the more glycation caused. It transforms strong, resilient type 3 collagen into weaker type 1 collagen which creates free radicals.
Don’t forget fast food is also full of sugar as well as trans fats causing inflammation, damaging collagen

Climate can affect the skin all over the body, whether it’s cold and dry or hot and humid. Extremes of temperatures can exacerbate existing skin conditions as well as cause new ones. Bitterly cold wind can strip moisture from exposed skin, which is why many people have rough, tight, cracked skin in winter. Humid conditions can result in acne or itchy dry patches.

Yo yo dieting damages collagen and elastin due to the constant stretching and shrinking of the skin when weight goes up and down on a regular basis. Having a very low body fat percentage is not ideal either. We need some body fat as we age to plump out the skin on our face. It’s a case of a youthful face or a few pounds on the hips? What would you choose, because we can’t have both!

We have learnt that a small amount of red wine is beneficial as it contains reservatrol but excessive alcohol use causes damage to the small blood vessels in the skin, widening them, allowing more blood to flow to the surface of the skin, leading to broken capillaries. Dehydration also occurs leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Long term excessive use leaves the skin less resilient and sagging can occur.

And finally, regular exercise is so important to keep the muscles from becoming weak and keep the bones strong. Too little leads to thinner, weaker collagen and a sluggish circulation, so get out your bike and enjoy the sunshine, but don’t forget the sun factor.

See you next time, Yvonne


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Back to basics skincare

It’s time to spring clean your skin after a winter of damaging wind, dehydrating central heating and sluggish but comforting stodgy foods.

In a world of ever increasing high tech skincare we sometimes forget the basic steps to healthy, luminous skin.

Cleansers have come a long way since the old days of leaving a soapy film over the skin, which needed to be removed with a toner. Toners are no longer a necessary part of a skin care routine, unless you have a very oily or acneic skin, and even then alcohol free toners are the only type that should be used, otherwise dehydration is a possibility. Even so, more people use a toner as routine instead of essential beauty serums.

Cleansers have changed with the adding of Mandelic and Glycolic acids to gently cleanse and smooth the skin, eliminating dead skin cells, therefore facial scrubs are also no longer needed. Harsh facial scrubs can damage the delicate acid mantle of the skin and make matters worse.

Antioxidant serums have become the essential ingredients for glowing healthy skin. Of all the ingredients that fight wrinkles, boost collagen and improve skin tone, Retinol (a vitamin A derivative) is still the best. Vitamin C prevents photo ageing and increases collagen synthesis. Applying Vitamin C in the morning and Retinol at night enhances the application of both products.

A high tech approach to skincare is Growth Factors, which protect your skins DNA and rejuvenate cells to make them work like they did in your youth.

The biggest mistake people make is not using sunscreen all year round. UVA, which is present in daylight, causes premature ageing due to the gradual loss of elasticity.

Not forgetting another important factor in healthy skin is, diet. Essential fatty acids stop inflammation that accelerates fine lines, sagging and blotchiness; nuts, salmon and tuna are high in essential fatty acids. Sugar causes glycation which damages the collagen that keeps the skin smooth and firm. Stick to low glycaemic carbs, like whole grains. Green and black tea are beneficial in helping to prevent the breakdown of collagen.

Stress is another important factor, high levels of stress can raise hormone levels that lead to breakouts and aggravate psoriasis. Take some time to massage your skin at least once a week. Massage relaxes and tones the muscles, defines the facial contours and boosts luminosity.


It's all Perfection

Well lets start with a little about me, Sally, I've been a beauty therapist for hmm 20 years now (blushing). I love my job it allows me to indulge my hobby and chat which as anyone who knows me will agree, I like to talk!

I love to make people look and feel better about themselves and to do this I like to have tried all the treatments on myself. I prefer to tell my clients exactly what a treatment is like and how good or bad the results were!

I've recently had a baby girl and I've had to leave a very long time between some of beloved treatments due to pregnancy and breast feeding. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled with our new edition but my skin is looking awful and is slowly falling south! That's not all that's heading south but we won't go there!!. It's been over a year since I've had my favourite glycolic peel and no Botox for over a year has added years to my once youthful face. Who knew that so many treatments and products can't be used whilst breast feeding.

My little girl turns one in September and my present to her is giving her a more youthful Mummy with a smooth, clear skin by having a glycolic peel, Botox, semi permanent eyebrows and a great big smile!!