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After a long hot summer our skin can be left sun dammaged, with a loss of firmness and elasticity.  Skinrolla is a skin rejuvenation technique that triggers collagen synthesis, smoothing out wrinkles, lines and folds, improving the appearance of large pores and generally improving the quality and texture of the skin. 

It's time to get out your home rollers to enhance penetration of your retinol and c-tetra and give your skin a boost.  I have added the video on how to use the skinrolla at home.  Enjoy! 


Summer is almost here, waxing is all part of the well groomed look we all crave.  Prepare early and you will have smooth, silky, hair free skin throughout the summer months

Website is Live!

So we have had a new website built. It's so exciting, having not updated our site for such a long time we felt it was time to get involved with the new way websites work.  

Mobile and iPad are the places we view sites these days and our old site just wasn't very compatible with that and so it began........

Our new site will have all the information you need from explaining all our advanced procedures to being able to buy your favourite skincare in our online shop with a credit/debit card.

Sign up to our monthly newsletters to be kept up to date with all our special monthly offers that are only valid to our newsletter clients and be in with a chance of winning a free treatment every month. 

Our just use it to contact us. 

As of November we have become an appointment only clinic on a Monday and Friday and after 6pm every night. This is to ensure our exclusive service and treatments are not interrupted by the doorbell ringing.  Yvonne has been interrupted during the specialised Myofascial treatment in the past and as this treatment relies on continuity we feel the exclusivity will prevent this interruption.  

Please feel free to email or text before you wish to pop in on a Monday or Friday as we maybe free and popping in would be fine then. 


We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do.........

Sally & Yvonne