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Christmas is marching up thick and fast and the party season is upon us, therefore, I have put together some easy beauty tricks to hide your flaws and enhance your best bits. Foundation is the most important part of any make up.  Getting the right base enhances your skin and makes your skin glow.  Light reflecting particles, otherwise known as illuminating foundation, gives the skin a youthful appearance.  Don't make the mistake of trying out a new foundation on your wrist, always apply it to your jaw line.  If it disappears into your skin, you have the right colour.

When applying foundation, don't forget to cover the eyes and lips, this provides a good base for eyeshadow and lipstick,

Concealer should be used with a very light hand.  Apply it directly onto a blemish with a small brush, and blend with a finger tip.  Make your own BB cream by mixing a small amount of concealer with your moisturiser if you need more cover.

Eyes - Applying eye make up is something I get asked about most.  If eyeliner is something you find difficultly with, try tightlining instead.  It makes the base of the eyelashes appear fuller without looking like you have any make up on.  Start with a soft eye pencil and draw a line underneath the top lashes, right at the base of the lash.  Don't be frightened to try the more dramatic look of a liquid eyeliner, draw a line as close as you can all along the top of the eyelashes and sweep it up just before you get to the end.  If it's not as perfect as you would like, cover it with a metallic brown or grey powder to soften it.

When applying mascara, wipe the excess off with a tissue to avoid clumps. Wait 3 minutes between coats  if applying more than one.

For an instant eye lift, take a highlighter pencil and draw a line above the eyebrows from the arch  to the end, and blend, blend, blend.

Lips -  We would all love full pouty lips, but If you weren't blessed with them, there are ways to make them appear fuller than they are.  Highlighter above the cupid's bow makes the top lip look fuller.  Lining the lips just outside the natural line makes them appear larger.  A frosted powder in the centre of the lips over your lipstick also makes them appear plumper.  To make your lipstick last longer, hold a tissue over your lips and apply loose powder through the powder.

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Merry Christmas from Yvonne and Sally at Perfection Skin Clinic & Wellbeing Centre.