Why doesn't my skincare work?

So you've spent a lot of money on your skincare but it's not giving you th results you desire? Why? 

There are several reasons for this; 

Have you had your skin looked at by a professional to assess the condition/type of skin you have? Do you use other products that could be clashing with your new product? Do you have a complete routine using cleanse, exfoliator, moisturiser and sun protection? Are you expecting changes to take place too quickly?

To be honest, that list of questions could go on and on!

When I ask my clients those questions we usually find out why the original product is not working, or indeed a whole routine.  The most regular problem I find is that there is no exfoliation in place. This is disaster as nothing will penetrate the skin without first removing all the old skin, and as your natural skin renewal slows down from the age of 21 we all need to be doing this if we want to stay looking young.

Your skin is tough, thick & waterproof.  It is designed to stop anything penetrating it.  This is why skincare companies spend millions of pounds on constantly updating their delivery systems within the products, without a great delivery system it's a waste of time.  This unfortunately is why most products bought outside of a skincare professional do not do anything.  Products need to be of a cosmeceuticals background to give the results that we expect of our skincare today. Let's be honest we all want to look 10 years younger within a week of using something new. 

The beauty/cosmetic industry is well aware that removal of dead skin is paramount in making your skin improve rapidly which is why so many treatments/procedures are available to do just that, such as;

Dermabrasion, Chemical peels, Mesovytal, Clarisonic etc, etc.

Don't be afraid of these treatments, most of them are just doing what your skin naturally used to do itself. You are not going to look like Samantha from 'Sex in the city'.  They are a great way to remove dead skin and brighten and freshen.

The best way of exfoliating your skin is in your daily products, that way it is happening all the time and will stimulate your skin on a deeper level.  The acids come in cleansers, serums, moisturisers and masks. No need for a seperate one, in fact don't use anything that has bits in it as it will scratch the skin and cause red veins. 

Main acids to look for in your daily products are;  Salicylic acid, L-Mandelic acid, L-Malic acid, L-Lactic acid, Lactobionic acid, Phyic acid, Azelaic acid and Glycolic acid.

Reveal beautiful skin

Reveal beautiful skin

Remember a good skincare routine must involve the following, ideally from the same skincare company as they are designed to work together.

1. Cleanse (ideally with an acid in)

2. Prevent (Vitamin C)

3. Moisturise (ideally with moisture magnets & a great delivery system such a liposome, slow release technology)

4. Protect (no lower than SPF 30 on face and neck or no point spending money on the above)