Medik8 Micellar Mousse

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Medik8 Micellar Mousse

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Micellar Mousse is able to tackle tough make-up, while being extremely gentle on the skin

Capitalising on the exceptional popularity of traditional micellar waters, Micellar Mousse takes it one step further by producing an ultra-creamy texture which is faster and more effective at removing make-up than micellar water and traditional foam cleansers.

Time to ditch the cleansing pad. Traditional micellar waters don’t stand a chance against this ultra-creamy, sulphate-free mousse which effortlessly melts away make-up and dirt. Clever cleansing micelles infused with nourishing olive oil gently refresh the skin while moringa extract tackles pesky pollution particles. Quick and easy to wash the day away without any residue, and zero need for cotton pads. Super gentle on even the most sensitive of skins, Micellar Mousse leaves you hydrated, refreshed and never tight.

OLIVE OIL - Gently dissolves the day’s impurities from the skin whilst nourishing the skin’s natural skin barrier and replenishing natural oils

MORINGA EXTRACT - Dual purpose it is rich in oleic acid, an essential fatty acid known for its moisturising and nourishing properties. It also forms an anti-pollution film on the skin to protect it from pollutants in the air

GLYCERIN - Natural humectant found in the skin. Enhances skin’s barrier function and reduces TEWL